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The power of positive purchasing at Christmas

Many of us strive to make more conscious purchases and build more sustainable habits throughout the year. From switching to organic fruit boxes to chemical-free cleaning products, and from circular beauty products to renting our big fashion items, there are a host of ways we can reduce our impact on the environment, and many brands help to make that switch easier. 

But, when it comes to Christmas, the feeling of generosity and abundance can often overtake that eco-compass. The desire to gift someone the perfect present, or presents, to show just how much we care from them can often make our purchases around this season less considered. 

All is not lost, a recent poll by SEUK suggests over two-thirds of us would consider buying a gift that has a positive social or environmental impact and a fifth of us are planning a completely plastic-free Christmas. If you want to make a more positive impact this year, there are simple ways we can make the season of giving a little more sustainable, eco-friendly and thoughtful. 


Buy less, buy better

It’s called the season of giving for a reason, we’re often pushed to shop for everyone we know and many retailers promote their affordable stocking fillers to tempt us to add more to our baskets. But this ‘need’ we feel to purchase more and more gifts, can just lead to more ending up in landfill when they’re not really wanted.

Buy less. When buying for your close friends and family, try investing in the one gift you know they’ll love or ask them what they actually need. You could even suggest a Secret Santa style setup where you only buy one great gift for each person, or you take turns buying for eachother.  

Buy better. If you can’t resist adding a few extra stocking fillers to the gift list, why not trying buying local or from brands that are striving to make a larger, positive impact than just the gift itself. We love receiving new pants and socks, so not opt for sustainable, circular pants that won’t end up in landfill?

When you are shopping online, try shopping from sustainably-curated marketplaces like Wolf & Badger and purchase your gifts all in one go to reduce the emissions of countless deliveries to your door. 


Get creative. We can’t help spreading the holiday cheer to everyone we know, so homemade gifts are perfect for those you may not know on a deeper level (yes, even the postman). Everyone appreciates the effort and thought that goes into a homemade gift, so why not try your hand at baking gingerbread, or creating mini-bar-in-a-jar of their favurite cocktails? Better yet, reduce the amount of waste you create by regifting that extra candle you received last year. 

The Non-Gift, Gift. If you’re anything like us, you’ve gifted your way through the guides of “classic Christmas gifts for Dads” and are always stuck for new ideas. The perfect gift for less waste is no present at all! tangible presents. Tickets or vouchers for experiences make great gifts for the person that already has everything. Whether it’s a theatre show they’ve been dying to see, that Red Letter day experience on their bucket list, or simply a cooking class of their favourite cuisine, experience vouchers are the perfect way to reduce waste and create memories for years to come. 

Reduce the frills. Positive purchasing isn’t all about the gifts themselves, but also all the frills that come around them. Have you ever thought about the impact the wrapping paper waste we create each year? Consider wrapping your gifts in recycled wrapping paper from previous years or finding pine cone decorations from your garden. If you do need to purchase wrapping paper, try to source sustainable options like ecovibe, and don’t forget the water-based paper tape!


The power of the pound. However you decide to purchase more positively this year, recognise that how you spend your money has the power to make a difference and it shows the world that you want a more sustainable #ONEEarth. Whether it’s opting for plastic-free gifts or purchasing from brands that donate to social causes, where you spend your money can make a big, positive impact.

So why not make this year, the year to switch to positive purchases for a more conscious Christmas. 

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