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We want to me make it easy for you to make positive choices. Sending your old ONE Essentials garments back to us not only prevents them from going into landfill, but keeps the materials in use for longer.

Positive choices should be easy choices for you and for the planet. Be en everyday radical.

Ready to recycle?

Close the loop

No matter the condition of your ONE Essentials clothing you can send them back to us.

Because being radical isn't without its rewards! As a thank you for preventing more garments from going to landfill, we'll give you 10% off your next order with us - every single time you use the take-back scheme.

Simply register your return below and we'll send you a pre-paid shipping label to pop your worn garments in the post.


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The Inner Circe

Join our community of everyday radicals to learn more about how to reduce the impact of your clothing throughout its lifecycle as we go on the journey of your product with you.

- Learn how to minimise your impact with small simple steps you can do everyday.

- Receive exclusive previews of new launches.

- Gain members only access to early bird discounts and pre-orders.

Get really radical.

Send us your underwear for recycling

We are on a mission to prevent any more underwear ending up in landfill. We want your holey drawers and baggy pants, send us your unwanted underwear.

Recycle my pants