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Radical Materials

We've made some smart material choices to really make an impact.

Why we're

Reducing virgin materials

Our cotton fibre is made from 50% Texloop RCOT™Primo Recycled Cotton, blended with organic cotton, grown with no chemical pesticides or insecticides. Creating a smooth, premium fibre from what otherwise would be cotton waste.

Using this blend we not only reduce our need for virgin cotton, but when compared to conventional cotton we use 72% less energy, 84% less water and 51% less CO2 per lb of fibre.

We've not compromised on quality, it's still super soft, like your favourite new t-shirt should be.

Why we're saving

The stretchy bits

We believe you still need elastane in your cotton underwear to ensure that it's durable, doesn't lose shape and can withstand multiple wash cycles.

But conventional elastane is made from plastic and is around as long as a disposable plastic straw. So we wanted to find an alternative.

We're working with a bio-degradable elastane, Roica V550 to ensure no part of our underwear fabric stays around for decades to come.

Making improvements with

Fantastic elastics

One small step for man (men). We've managed to replace the conventional elastic waistband on our boxers with a blend of natural rubber and organic cotton, without sacrificing our performance. We hope this means our boxers should be completely biodegradable. We're in testing so watch this space.

Elastics are troublesome and we've been unable to replicate this material for our ladies elastic despite our best efforts and we're looking for an alternative solution. The gender gap prevails but we're fighting back.

We're measuring the impact of our first production run. Crunching the numbers to give some cold, hard data on the benefits we're making with our materials for both us and the planet.

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