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Pre-Sale Policy

We work with pre-sale for all our new developments and some limited edition items. But, what's it all about and how does it work?

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Pre Sale Policy

ONE Essentials pre-sale policy. Our T&C's for ordering our sustainable essentials on pre-sale.


Do a pre-sale?

By offering some of our items before we go into production, it helps us to manage our order quantities, reducing waste and excess inventory. We're all about reducing our environmental impact where we can.


Does it work?

In our store, you'll see "pre-order" instead of a shop button to purchase. Next comes you're order confirmation, followed by updates of your product journey, from manufacturing to delivery straight to your inbox.


Do I get it?

Our estimated shipping dates are shown on our product pages, any changes to that we'll let you know. Just like any order you'll receive a shipping confirmation when we're ready to ship your item to you.

But what's in it for me?

If you're one of our Inner Circle you'll automatically be sent a 10% discount code for pre-sale items, getting them at a reduced price because you've bought early.

- You'll recieve your order before it goes on general sale.

- If you're ordering a limited edition item - you make sure you get it before it sells out!

- You're helping us on our mission to reduce waste in our production - better for us, better for the planet.


In the Detail

- Manufacturing : Now!

- Shipping: 20th August 2021

- Sending customer orders: Est 3rd September 2021

By Product

Check the details per product below for delivery dates

Mid Rise Briefs

Shipping 20th August 2021

On sale

Mens Boxers

Shipping 20th August 2021

On sale

Unisex T-shirt

Shipping 20th August 2021

On Sale

Unisex Sweatshirt

Delay in production. Shipping 15th October 2021

pre order

What if there are delays?

We take you on the journey of your product being made from the moment you order.

Our suppliers and our team try to ensure a smooth production run and our products get to you when we promise it, but sometimes things don't go quite to plan. If there are any delays in production you'll know as soon as we do, living and breathing the journey with us.

If you have any concerns or questions on pre-sale or delivery, get in touch.

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