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Breakup with your briefs

We are on a mission to prevent any more underwear ending up in landfill including your unwanted underwear.

our recycle scheme is on pause. Learn more

Underwear is arguably the most disposable item of clothing we all own, the one thing we all throw away -
destined for landfill.

Low quality underwear is typically comprised of synthetics or synthetic blends that don't go anywhere, posing an environmental issue and contributing to micro-plastic pollution. Sending your unwanted underwear back allows us to recycle them into new materials for insulation or paddings, giving them a second life and preventing any items ending in landfill.

Our Recycling Programme

We take any brand, any size, any material of your old underwear. Bra's and socks. Men's, women's, or kids.  

In return we’ll send you a discount code for 15% off your next order with us.


Enter your details following the link below to get your pre-paid postage label.


Clear our your drawers and pop your underwear in any 'small parcel sized' package.

We will take any brand, any size, any material of your old underwear. Bra's and socks. Men's, women's or kids.

We just ask you wash them first.


When we receive your underwear, we’ll send you a discount code to your email provide in the form.

15% off your next order with us.


We then collate all the returns to be recycled by our partner Re-skinned

Everyone Wins - You have responsibly recycled your unwanted undies, we get to turn them into something new, and the planet thanks us.

Are you ready to recycle?

Simply click the link below to claim your shipping label.

Got a few questions? Head over to our FAQ's page for more information.

OUR RECycle scheme is on pause - learn more

The Problem

Textiles rarely end up in landfill outside our front door, instead our unwanted clothes are sold to the global south where they face the problem on their doorstep. In their communities and on their beaches. This is why we partner with the OR Foundation to give 1% of every sale to their work.

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