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You're an Everyday Radical

These could be the most powerful pants you've ever owned.

These are not your everyday essentials - our radical materials are created to biodegrade or to be recycled, from elastic to sewing thread everything is considered.

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We wanted to ensure that out items we're not only made better but we were part of cleaning up existing textile waste. 1% of this purchase went to our partners charity.

The impact

Don't forget to register your items for our take-back scheme.
So we can collect them when you're through, closing the loop.

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What to do with your packaging . . .

Our underwear garment bags help to keep your items clean on their way to you but they're not just any old plastic bag. You can dissolve your garment bags with no release of microplastics or harmful residues. 
Just follow these simple steps


Take your garments out of their garment bag. Feel free to admire how great they look & feel.


Boil your kettle - you'll need the water to be at least 80 degrees for the bags to dissolve. 

Why not make a cuppa whilst you're at it. 


Peel or tear off the adhesive strip as this won't dissolve. Alternatively, you can leave it on & it'll be the only thing left once the rest of the bag dissolves.

Pop your garment bags into a jug of boiled water.


Give it a stir and watch as your bag starts to dissolve.


Pour your dissolved bag down the drain. Our garment bags are toxic-free and are printed with environmentally-friendly inks so no need to worry about micro-plastics or harmful residues. 

These bags, and our t-shirt garment bags, are biodegradable and recyclable - we've got all bases covered.

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@oliverstock These boxers are a game-changer.

@dnbillustrated The most beautiful fitting pants

@Liz_kombate_ They're sooo comfy