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Our mission

Radical change only comes from radical action. And that’s what the fashion industry needs.

We’re changing the system, literally from the bottom up.

Starting with the most disposable items in our wardrobe - underwear.

This time creating it to be disposable.

Thing is, we’re tired of slow progress and an industry that continues to do more harm than good whilst waxing lyrical about their latest ‘sustainable’ collection.

So we’re taking a stand and we’re starting by getting the basics right.

Focusing on the most hard working items in our wardrobes, but the ones that we give least thought to.

We're in this for maximum impact.

Getting the basics right, for you and for the planet.

getting the basics right rotating earth

How we started

In the middle of a global pandemic ONE Essentials was born - Created as our name suggests for our ONE Earth and with ONE Ethos to reduce the impact of the fashion industry by making the most comfortable essentials without harming the planet.

"The fashion industry is broken, and it's time we change it.

I’ve spent 15 years falling in and out of love with the industry I work in, with no real sense of purpose or worth in the roles I'd held and the organisations I'd worked for.

I wanted to create a brand that could create change and have true impact. To prove that you could create truly sustainable products with minimal impact on the environment, and take the responsibility for the lifespan of everything produced.

As a designer, thinking about how we designed and made products for their whole lifespan gave me a new sense of clarity. Paring everything back and considering every stitch, thread and process; on its impact on the environment not only in its creation, but when it was disposed of.

I dream that we can restore balance in the world and make the ONE circular model an industry standard. 

I want ONE Essentials to continually be at the forefront of innovation and driving radical change."

Carrie Davies - Founder

One Essentials Partners

Our partners

We're proud to partner with some fantastic suppliers. Working collaboratively to find solutions to the complex nature of developing products into the circular economy.

Our 1% pledge

1% of every sale, not profits, goes towards textile cleanup initiatives. That's how committed we are to change. We're working with organisations on the ground, that see first-hand the impact of clothing waste in the global south.

One Essentials Charity pledge 1% of sales
One Essentials Organic Recycled Cotton panties with Organic cotton logo ontop

The radical bits

We want to shake up the the fashion industry, reducing the environmental impact of the clothes you wear every single day and re-addressing the value we put on our most used items. We’re doing things radically differently, from our material choices to our business model.


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