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The natural wonder of Indigo Dye

For our first experiment we wanted to start with the problem at hand.

We made a few too many white tee’s. We really wanted to offer more choice at our launch, but let’s face it that comes with scale.

But what we did do was buy the most planet friendly materials we could find. The premium long fibre recycled cotton and organic cotton cost a little more than your average cotton fabric and made just over 300 of them to get them at a reasonable price. 

But that sacrificed choice. 

So we wanted to find a solution to bring you a little more variety without sacrificing the quality or integrity of our premium planet first products. 

Introducing Indigo

We’d wanted to use natural dyes for a while and after some searching for the right supplier who could offer us a transparency on the products, process and provide a great long lasting finish, we found Indigo Works.

Based in Bedford  Liza is hand-dying 30 of our white t-shirts into 2 shades of blue from glorious natural indigo.  

Indigo is one of the oldest known dying materials and used across the world throughout cultures archeological digs in Peru have dated indigo dyed ware to 6000 years ago, but made a modern day icon with the rise of denim from a workwear jean to fashion staple. 

Known for it's brilliant, rich blue tones and natural long lasting finishing. In fact Indigo is the only original true colour remaining of the Bayeaux tapestry is indigo. Now that's a long lasting dye.  


Best of all as a natural pigment, requiring no chemicals to fix its colour there is no toxic waste produced in the dying process so the water can be safely returned to the land.

One of the things that makes natural indigo dye sustainable is that after the indigo pigment is extracted, water can safely be put back on the crops.  Also, no toxic waste is produced. 

Hand-dying each tee is a labour of love - dipping each t-shirt multiple times into the vats of natural indigo is a time consuming process - but the finish is fantastic.

You can watch the process in the video link below. 


We've only 30 of these limited edition t-shirts, shop yours now.


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