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Beyond Sustainability

We recognise that as a business we have an environmental impact in both our day to day operations and our supply chain infrastructure.

We have a commitment to go beyond talking about ‘sustainability’ - which we feel has lost its meaning - to be radically transparent.

Creating a business that can have a positive impact for people, the  planet, and our customers.

A Traceable Supply Chain.

Achieving transparency can be difficult in an industry where getting to the source of the supply chain can seem nearly impossible. We want to change that through being transparent about our whole supply chain. By removing the mystery and being honest we hope to encourage a new fairer and more open industry.We have a global supply chain and are continuously working with our partners to develop traceability to raw material across all our products. See where our products are made.

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Transparent sourcing

Our garments and their fabric are made in Portugal, but we go further than that offering a transparent supply chain. Scroll down to see our sourcing map.


Our jersey (knit) manufacturer is located in Barcelos, just outside of Porto and are GOTS certified.


80 km from our knit factory, in Cerveira, Portugal our fabric mill, Tintex, knit the yarns into our finished super soft fabric.


The recycled cotton yarn (sourced in China), and organic cotton yarn (sourced in India) are blended by circular systems in China to create their unique premium yarn.


We use 100% cotton threads from Amman, based in India and cradle to cradle gold certified. Our elastics are sourced in Portugal.

Having a measurable impact

We're measuring the impact of our products to understand the environmental impact of everything we create. We've conducted a life-cycle assessment on our first collection, verified through a third party provider green story, in order to know our energy consumption, water usage and co2 emissions of every product. Sharing that information with you our customer on each product page and in checkout so you know the environmental impact of each order purchased with us. We’ll use this data to understand our full production cycle of each item and know where we can look to improve as we grow.

Delve into the details

Our Environmental Policy

How we mitigate our impact on the planet

Ethical Trading Policy

What we use to guide and support our suppliers.

Sustainability Roadmap

This is where we are starting, and strive to go further.


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