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Designed with the end in mind. Good choices should be easy choices, ONEE Circularity
Old model of underwear life cycle

The old model is broken

Nobody is responsible

The traditional fashion supply chain is linear, meaning there's no one taking responsibility for the clothes that we no longer want.

With the volume of clothes we now consume this means £140m worth of clothing are sent to landfill each year, in the UK alone *

*via WRAP

One Essentials new model of underwear life cycle

We are responsible

By designing with the end in mind we aim to prevent any of our garments ending in landfill. Through our take-back scheme we take the responsibility so you don't have to.

We've created a set of circular design principles that we apply to the creation of all our products. Each has been informed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Cradle to Cradle methodologies to ensure every item we create can either be recycled or biodegraded when you no longer want them anymore.

Through our circular model we have the following impact:

We can keep products, components and materials at the highest utility and maintain their value for longer. By using our Clevercare wash instructions and via our take-back scheme.

We have designed out waste, reducing the materials used in an item from the offset – minimising our environmental footprint from the design origin right throughout.

Designing a product for the end of life, choosing safe materials and dyes.  We create products that can easily be repaired and remanufactured – closing the loop


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