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We are Circular

Our commitment to the planet is at the heart of everything we do.
ONE Essentials is a circular fashion brand, Our circular business model
directly addresses the environmental cost of the fashion industry.

We talk about it a lot!  But what does it mean?


We can keep products, components and materials at highest utility and maintain their value for longer through Clevercare and our take-back scheme.


We have designed out waste, reducing the materials used in an item from the offset. – minimising our environmental footprint from the design origin right throughout.


Designing a product for the end of life, choosing safe materials and dyes.  We create products that can easily be repaired and remanufactured – closing the loop

The old model is broken

No-ONEE is responsible

The traditional fashion supply chain is linear, meaning there's no responsibility for our clothes we no longer want.

This means £140m worth of clothing are sent to landfill each year, in the UK alone *

*via WRAP

The new model is CIRCULAR

We are responsible

By designing with the end in mind we aim to prevent any of our garments ending in landfill. Through our take-back scheme we take the responsibility so you don't have to.

Making positive choices easy choices.

Close the loop

The problem with underwear

It's the one thing we all wear, it’s a high wear, high use item so needs to sustain multiple wash cycles and consistent wear over months and years. It also has no resale market and is the one thing that we all throw away.

The underwear market is filled with cheap, low-quality products that don't last and synthetics that take hundreds of years to decompose. No good for us, no good for the planet and no good for generations to come.

What we do differently