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We're 100% Transparent

We'll tell you where we are now and be honest about the gaps.

Our supply chain is


We have a global supply chain and are continuously working with our partners to develop traceability to raw material across all our products. It's complex in nature and there will always be ways to improve so we're not finished yet.

Whilst we're working on being 100% traceable, we've given each of our products a traceabilty score.

Measuring our


We're measuring the impact of all our products on our first production run to understand the environmental impact of everything we create.

We're working on the lifecycle assessments of our launch collection. We'll look at our CO2, water and energy consumption to name a few.

Once we know the score, you'll receive an impact receipt with your order, so you can see just how powerful your pants really are.

Introducing our

Essential partners

We're proud to partner with some fantastic suppliers. Working collaboratively to find solutions to the complex nature of developing products into the circular economy.

Our fabric mill

We couldn't have found a more perfect partner for our first fabric development. Tintex are at the forefront of innovation, working with global yarn suppliers that are pushing the boundaries in technology.

Tintex have created a top-level facility, less than an hour from our garment maker, that reduces energy consumption water efficiency - and reuse and recycle 98% of their production's waste materials.

At Tintex, transparency is non-negotiable and they are on their own journey into the circular economy. We're excited to partner with them on our material developments.

Our garment maker

Based in beautiful Barcelos just north of Porto this family-owned factory has been producing premium quality jersey-wear products since the 1970s.  They are experts at handling knitted fabrics and have worked closely with us to align our environmental commitments into their manufacturing processes.

The CEO, Joao, has a strong ethical commitment to his workers and has policies in place to protect worker rights and employee welfare.  Pushing to minimise waste they work with local recycling centres to reuse cutting room floor waste and are moving to a solar-powered facility in 2022.

This factory is producing all of our jersey-wear products including our underwear range.

Just the Essential packaging.

Stripping it right back, because we care about everything we send to you, not just the garments we make.

Our packaging promise

Delve into the details

You can view our policies in detail in the links below.

Our Environmental Policy

How we mitigate our impact on the planet

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Ethical Trading Policy

Is one of the tools we use to guide and support our suppliers.

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Sustainability Roadmap

This is where we are starting, but we of course strive to go further.

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