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Our Pledge - 1% of every sale, not profits, goes towards textile cleanup initiatives. That's how committed we are to change. We're working with organisations on the ground, that see first-hand the impact of clothing waste in the global south.

The problem

In the UK alone, 350,000 tons of textile waste was sent to landfill in 2018* – that was about the same weight as the Empire State building. We know that textile waste is greatly contributing to the environmental crisis - and we just keep shopping.

Our take-back scheme helps take accountability for the clothing you buy from us when you're done with it. But what about the impact of what's already out there? We want to help with the clean-up.

* via WRAP

Our Charity Partner

The OR Foundation

Our partner organisation the OR Foundation (pronounced "or") is a USA and Ghana based not-for-profit, operating between the two countries since 2009. They work at the intersection of environmental justice education and fashion development with a mission to create alternatives to the dominant fashion model that brings ecological prosperity, as opposed to destruction and to re-address the balance of the fashion system.


Everything has to go somewhere

We often send things to charity shops or clothes banks when we no longer want them, but the large majority ends up exported.

Kantamanto in Accra, Ghana is one of the largest second-hand clothing markets in the world - importing 15 million secondhand garments each week.

With the throwaway culture of cheap poor quality clothing there is no desire for our unwanted items. Clothes (even, new with tags) are discarded, burned, overflowing in landfill dumpsites and swept into gutters that flow into the sea, washing up on beaches.

The human impact

It is not just about environmental waste, the OR Foundation works with those most vulnerable in the system.

The Kayayei, are young women employed to carry the bales from the docks to retailers in the resale market. Each bale can weigh as much as 100kg and are head-carried despite the weight. This can lead to catastrophic injury and debilitating pain, for as little as $0.30 per trip.

These grassroots programs provide care and training for these women.

We at ONE Essentials are committing our first year donations to the OR Foundation, partnering to take action to address overflowing textile waste, dangerous working conditions, effects of fashion on climate change, and the economic uncertainty of the Kayayei.

You can help simply by purchasing a pair of underwear from us.

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